MicrosGroup – Nourish the Health, Sport and Wellbeing

MicrosGroup is a medical-scientific association which has been working on surveys of chronic pathologies for ten years to search for medical solutions to the metabolic syndrome (MicrosforGlobesity), in order to develop the energy-giving tonic in any sport whether athletic and amateur (MicrosforSport).This study aims at improving the general wellbeing of individuals together with the quality of the alimentary lifestyle (MicrosforWellness&life style).

Micros, whose original nucleus was born in 2000, concerns the obesity and all its associated pathologies: cardiopathies, hypertension, diabetes, alimentary hypercholesterolmya, children’s obesity, gastric problems (esophageal reflow, ulcer and gastritis), alimentary troubles, pregnancy and nursing, special sports feed, osteoporosis, too much thinness, oncological food, old age.

Micros has long been distinguished for the professional nature of its medical consultants, for the quality of the study and the innovation of the utilized protocols giving great care to the patient in all phases of his specific personalized food treatments.

Dr. Michele Rosa (specialist in Sports medicine and Nourishment) is the coordinator of his medical staff. In the last fifteen years Dr Rosa has constantly developed new nutritional and motivational methods by which he has valued each individual patient’s health in his specific complexity with precise metabolic check-ups and high-tech and advanced diagnostic. Dr Rosa’s studies in relation to the main chronic pathologies of the metabolic syndrome have been illustrated in many conferences and several national and international specialization studies. As a result a great number of scientific essays have been published. So these papers can be compared to other experts’ views..

Micros encourages as its main mission the constant training for the young members of the team by making them practise a number of specialist stages to complete their university studies. In this way they can do a constant interdisciplinary exchange among the most advanced specialist studies of nutrition and the research work of metabolic syndrome issues.

Many professional experts and consultants have improved the quality of Micros services. They are specialists in definite medical branches such as: plastic surgery and medicine, angiology, gastroenterology and allergology.

Since the end of the year 2008 Dr Michele Rosa has carried out research in the field of enteral nourishment (following the tradition of Dr Blackburn’s method) working together with the other members of the team.

After a long and intense surveys carried out on obese and overweight patients a modern and important method is originated. This new method derives from Dr Rosa’s recent teamwork. This is the so-called nutritional rehabilitation treatment aiming at contrasting obesity and it is named by Dr Rosa Alimentary Liposolution [ALS]. More specifically this is an alimentary solution of the more and more global andemical pathology regarding obesity and fatness.

Micros Group è presente a catania, messina, milano, padova, palermo, pescara, ragusa, siracusa,