Physical practice is a valid support to the caloric control but if there is no contribution of exercise training this is bound to fail. The obese individual himself should realize that his overweight condition is the direct outcome of a reduced physical training. Many think that bigger appetite deriving from exercise training ends up being opposed to the loss of weight. As we have seen in the previous essay physical exercise training causes a series of endocrine and metabolic modifications which can result in losing weight independently of the caloric contents in the diet.

Obviously an excessive assumption of food is opposed to the loss of weight however it is not advisable to impose caloric restrictions that are hard to keep from a psychological and physical points of view. The high loss of energies during a physical training is maximum in the practice of cycling, walking, duration-controlled swimming and cross-country skiing. These kinds of sports are extremely fit for the overweight people because they do not subject the skeleton system and the cardiovascular one to the large requests that are typical of the anaerobic sports. Physical training is a very important choice not only from a merely metabolic point of view but also from the psychological one. If an individual is forced to do some unpleasant physical exercises his reject of something he has already thought to be annoying and hostile could greatly increase. It would better to keep away from some embarrassing situations by pointing out any little progress made in those sports an individual is practicing. Finally, we have to take into account that although their physical appearances obese people including the young could be carriers of diseases that needs some specific precautions. So it is necessary to examine the patient’s medical profile carefully. Dialogue and collaboration with other professional experts (such as the psychologist, the doctor, the nutritionist etc.) is very important too.

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