Alimentary Liposolution treatment: how does it work?

Patients have to start with a medical check-up which are carried out in our specialized centres. Then a small nose-gastric probe is placed in the patient and it is connected to a portable nutrition pump which will provide for the infusion of the proteic solution every time of the day for 10 days.

During the ten-days therapy do I often feel hungry?

No, the desire to eat food felt as hungry is kept under control thanks to the production of ketonic components which stop feeling hungry.

Could I drink?

You need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. You can drink herbal infusions, tea, coffee on condition that they do not contain sugar.

Can the small probe cause you some pain?

It will be completely painless. Hardly ever could you feel pain during the small probe introduction by the medical team. During the next 24 hours and the 10 days-therapy you will never feel pain. Apparently the small probe is extremely wafer-thin so that it cannot be visible.

Could I lead a ‘normal’ life?

You can usually take the nutrition pump and the bag containing your personal solution without problems. You can drive, you can go to work, you can walk, you can have sexual relationships etc. If you need to have a shower or a swimming bath you have just to disconnect temporarily the nutrition pump. It is not advisable to disconnect the small probe for a long time because you can feel hungry again and this is not the expected therapy result that is on the contrary to stop the desire to eat. You can disconnect the small probe at most 3 / 4 times a day for a period of 30 minutes at long intervals.

How much weight can I lose?

After ten days you might lose 10% of your initial body weight, you can mainly lose fat.

And what could I do if I need to lose more weight?

The cycle of the treatment can be repeated more times, after an interval of three weeks. During this time a controlled diet regime should be followed to keep your best weight loss results.

Can you regain weight quickly?

The treatment mainly acts to reduce fat quickly.

The quick weight loss helps to develop a psychological process such as the motivation which encourages patients to change their dietary lifestyles. However, to keep your weight loss results we recommend our patients to follow a correct diet associated with a fitness regime.

Who can undergo the alimentary liposolution treatment? Obese people only? Or can also people with less serious weight problems do it?

This treatment is also for those who want to lose less weight than obese people. The treatment period varies by individual depending on patient’s initial state.

Do we have to buy the whole equipment (a computerized pump, the small probe, the proteic nutrition, etc.) for the treatment?

No, the doctor will provide for your throwaway probe, the bag containing the nutrition and the proteic solution and on loan for use the nutrition pump to be returned at the end of the treatment.

And how about combining the gastric banding procedure with this treatment? Could a patient undergo the Liposolution treatment after the gastric band procedure?

Yes, he could. There is no problem or contraindication.

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